Tuesday, December 12, 2006

teen er...elderly beat tuesday

erin generously let me take over her teen beat tuesday post today so that i can share with our loyal readers my love for george takei. george built a name for himself in the mid to late 60s when he stared as helmsman sulu along side captain kirk on the original star trek. i have come to know and love him as the newest recurring guest host on the howard stern show. george takei is the lovable gay former tv star grandpa you never had. he's cute as a button and makes me smile every time i hear his infamous laugh or use the phrase "oh my." the video below is from george's roast of william shatner on comedy central. i could just die from a cute overload when george calls artie lange his "cuddly muffin." i promise you'll love him too.

1 comment:

erin is gross said...

for a gay grandpa, that sucker can motorboat!

thanks, laurin!