Thursday, August 31, 2006

fun rulez

in case you missed it (and if you're reading this, you probably did not), last saturday was just about the best time ever. because we find do/don't lists to be, for the most part, hilarious and awesome, we've recapped this evening of greatness in that very manner:

do: carbo load.

don't: kiss like either of these people.

do: dance with heartfelt emotion...and lots of ladies.

don't: stand so close to the rapper, bro.

do: yin and yang.

don't: play massive amounts of air piano.

do: take excellent care while handling your friend's pet

don't: put said pet down your pants

do: in the name of your special beanie lizard friend, kick the crap out of your human friend who put said special friend down his pants.

and for the biggest do of them all: keep the blondes full of vodka...we're parched.

lastly, big thanks to the djs for being both fun and evil at the same time.


laurin said...

man you guys are the best ever!!!

bomarr said...

erin, you are awesome :)

QuarBy said...

thank you, Erin, for treating the corey affair with the gravity it deserves. corey is my friend. he is NOT a toy!