Tuesday, October 17, 2006


hi guys. i just wanted to quickly apologize for the mass snooze fest taking place on unibloggal lately. one of us went and got married and is currently drinking fruity beverages out of her new hubby's banana hammock and the others of us are still either hungover from her wedding or actually got incarcerated during a stint at the ny county jail. or something.

here goes...

this is crime in choir, an excellent band from san francisco who will be celebrating the release of their new record, trumpery metier, this thursday at 12 galaxies. tussle and upsilon acrux are playing and the record is officially out on GSL on october 31st.

you should all plan on attending, as it will be fun, you can stare at boys and practice NOT being a nerd on thursday aka lil friday. if you have any questions for the band, please let me know, as fairly soon (when we all grow some brains) we will be launching the "weird questions asked of our friends who play in bands" section. we think.

ok, bye.

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New Agey No Friends said...

aka lil friday