Friday, October 20, 2006

nerd alert disguised as a dating tip

ok, bros. raise your hands. admit it. which of you nerds is on second life. better yet, have any of you even heard of this post apocolyptic internet nightmare? jesus. does life ever get so bad on earth that you want to look like this:

so my advice today is, if you ever feel so lonely that you want to remake yourself in cyber space only dressed in american apparel (you can buy slutty slightly irregular tshirts, i mean pixels, in vibrant colors using REAL american money) and with that luscious rack that you've always dreamed of having, if you're ever that desparate, call me up and we'll do a clueless (the movie) style makeover on your ass. cher horowitz to tai no last name style. you hear me? and is that jake ryan in the backgroud?

if you'd like to read more.

but seriously. are any of you people on this?

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