Thursday, October 19, 2006

tgi almost effing f

it's after five on lil friday. sometimes when the long work week (weak!) starts to wear on you, you begin to say weird things. stuff gets fuzzy. dumb stuff gets kinda funny. or maybe you totally disagree, but i'm a uniblogger and you're not, so shut up.

here's an example of one such conversation:

stephanie: sometimes my job involves lots of tiny calculations that make my head begin to spin like a lunatic
me: i bet!
stephanie: i hate math
me: everybody does. i'm going to name my kid math so he has bad self esteem because NO BODY likes math. and then you can have a kid named no body. they will be friends because since only no body likes math, it will be a perfect union.
stephanie: yayayyyyyy!! they can complain about their drunk moms and we can make them go buy us more franzia
me: no body stillman and mathematics brown, best friends forever.
stephanie: "hey math, mommy's all wobbly again."
me: then they will name thier children boone's farm and whiskey ginger ale because they won't know any better.


New Agey No Friends said...

chucklesoup with a side order of slightly fried gigglelaughs.

Anonymous said...

who eats soup with fries?