Tuesday, October 24, 2006

robbie williams hijacked my honeymoon

i've taken a bit of a hiatus from unibloggal the past couple of weeks as many of you know. i had to go and get married and shit but now i'm back in full effect. after two weeks of honeymoon madness i'm happy to be home and to be bloggin.' no life=laurin.

one thing i noticed on my trip to argentina and uruguay (and have pretty much noticed on all of my overseas travels, no matter where is was: europe, africa, central america) is that non americans fucking love robbie williams. they played his videos on repeat all day long, he was on every fucking billboard in argentina, in every ad campaign, was staying at a hotel where i was having drinking one night with my hubby and all we could hear were fans screaming his name. i mean you couldn't get away from the man if you tried.

this is not breaking news but WTF is up with that shit. he's 80 years old now and in the video above is pathetically trying to reinvent himself as a british rapper to captalize, i'm assuming...because its as obvious as a punch in the face...on the british hip-hop renaissance with artists like the streets, dizzee rascal, lady sovereign...etc.

as an artist, i think he's on par with poo. but i do like the fact that he's a raging asshole and doesn't apologize for it. that i can get on board with. my advice, stick to your ego and witty banter. much more interesting.

p.s. its good to be back


erin is gross said...

we're so happy your home, birthday girl.

also, "on par with poo" is the best thing i've read all week. it's only tuesday, but still!

Cristy said...

i have to admit. i love me some rudebox and have loved me some robbie williams for over a decade now.

plus, he's actually only 33. true, probably beyond shell-toe appropriateness. but too old to make red hot dance hits? i think not.

laurin said...

cristy, its always good to have guilty pleasures....