Friday, October 27, 2006

is ellen pompeo the third olson?

i'm not even sure if i should post this, b/c already having some issues with ellen pompeo as the leading role in my fave tv show, this punk'd episode really just gives me several more reasons to dislike dr. grey besides the fact that she desperately needs to put herself on a feeding tube. i think meredith grey might wanna check into the psych ward with her mom. sorry guys... i'm taking you all down with me on this one.

also... why did i not know about this until last night?
the doctors of seattle grace hospital are hella fuckin' ghetto.


erin is gross said...

"i can't believe how that broad is jockin you."

i'm sorry, ellen. no one in a boho nightie and a mercedez (or whatever) is allowed to talk like that unless their name is lil kim.

j. keith van rappin said...

i thought you had to be pretty to be on tv? ellen pompeo is yuck.