Monday, October 30, 2006

Get off of my blog and into my bed

The Unibloggal Heavy Petting Makeout Mix Guarantee:

Need help in the sack? This make-out mix is 100% guaranteed to bring you luck with the ladies, or the dudes, or whatever other creature in whose pants you'd like to get. If this mix proves unsuccessful (and you took other precautions such as showering and not saying anything stupid) you may send the unused portion back. Unibloggal will refund your money and as an added bonus, the Uniblogger of your choice will sleep with you.*

*Please take geographical and marital situations into account when deciding on your Uniblogger of choice. Unless you're willing to pay for airfare, or divorce lawyers.

Alas, the ladies of Unibloggal have combined forces to bring you Heavy Petting.
Download the album here!

in the morning - junior boys (e)
the way you look tonight - baby dayliner (a)
autumn sweater - yo la tengo (s)
saturday - hayden (l)
the engine driver - the decemberists (e)
brothers on a hotel bed - death cab for cutie (a)
post-war - m. ward (s)
roscoe - midlake (l)
knife - grizzly bear (e)
mad world - gary jules (a)
creeping coastline of lights - mark lanegan (s)
walk real slow - lady & bird (l)
lay lady lay - melanie (e)
sunset city - magnetic fields (a)
black swan - thom yorke (s)
at her open door - dead meadow (l)
these things take time - the smiths (e)
passing afternoon - iron & wine (a)
quien? - juana molina (s)
love has found me - centro-matic (l)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the mix unibladies. i'm drifting off to sleep enjoying this mix and can only imagine the sweet kisses that can be shared to these tunes. i hope the love birds out there know how good they have it.

i may be pregnant now... said...

thanks unibloggal!

New Agey No Friends said...

this is super great.

except what if I want to french some lady in my car? Or via boombox? This "Mix" is 1 hour and 22 minutes... shouldn't it be under 80? Apparently all of you unibloggal womens make the hump hump beside your computers.

erin is gross said...

i put my stamp of approval on this mix. it's french-tacular.