Tuesday, October 03, 2006

teen beat: the mom edition

i am a netflix addict. i've gotten sick of mistakenly ordering movies that are supposed to make me cry, but never do. i am sick of movies with hot young teens that are in no way as good as the hot young teen movies made during my hot young teen days, so i netflix tv shows instead.

it just so happens that i'm now watching season two of grey's anatomy AND my favorite movie from these years of awesome teen movie magic is"can't buy me love," both starring every mom's favorite hunky doctor du jour: patrick dempsey. here he is in his scrubs, an outfit that most men should NEVER wear, as the sweat pant/package nuzzling effect is bound to take over. i wonder if doctors wear scrubs to strip clubs. anyway, i got side tracked...mcdreamy:

and this is ronald miller riding cindi mancini on the back of his lawn mower. he went from totally geek to totally chic and then back again. jesus, he was (and still is) cute. holy eff. have you seen this movie? if not, no need to netflix it, i have it on dvd. viewing party at my place tomorrow following the third episode of the third season of grey's anatomy.

i'm a nerd. and this post sucked. sorry!
(p.s. i lied about the viewing party, i'm headed out of town again tomorrow.)



stephanie said...

totally just got sucked into this as well. via dvd of course. my roomies and i have clocked an embarrassing number of hours in front of the tube watching back to back mc dreamy. total babe city.

erin is gross said...

swoontown, population me.

babeplane, i'll take a window seat.

hotmeal, give me a bite.

yumorama, i'll take two.

wtf? i need to get out of here.

QuarBy said...

quick non-true fact:
his real name is arnold weisberg