Monday, October 30, 2006

my united states of sifl and olly

apparently i was the only one alive in 1997-1999 who watched mtv late at night (stoned) and fell in love with two hilarious sock puppets named sifl and olly. since i dressed up as them for halloween this year and NOT A PERSON knew who they were i feel the need to educate.

1. sifl and olly are the best but you may need to watch a couple episodes to fully appreciate their humor. you’ll either love it or hate it, but if you hate it you’re dead to me so you may as well just end it.

2. there were many action packed segments to a half hour sifl and olly show, including:

• Precious Roy's Home Shopping Network
• Calls from the Public
• Rock Facts
• Interview Time - Guests interviewed included Death, an atom, and G-spot & Orgasm.
• Sifl & Olly News
• A Word with Chester
• And Now... ROCK
• It's Almost the End of the Show
• Kickin' it Old School

3. chester was hands-down the best supporting character. cute, loveable and mildly retarded, i just want to give him a big squeeze for ever and ever.

4. the show was created by liam lynch (along with matt crocco), who, among being the personification of every boy crush i’ve had since I was fifteen—skinny, pale, tattooed, dark hair, glasses, rocker—has directed music videos for queens of the stone age, eagles of death metal, tenacious d, had some radio success a few years back with his song "my united states of whatever," and directed sarah's silvermans comedy documentary “jesus is magic.” he makes me smile and feel all funny inside.

5. the dvd is currently being produced and should be out sometime next year.

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