Wednesday, October 25, 2006

a hump day WTF? part deux

i was getting ready to come over here to uniB to post this highly uncomfy picture of ruben studdard, who thank christ, got skinny. just kidding. he looks the same. right? or maybe kinda like steven tyler in the skin texture region? no?

but before i had a chance, i hear a click in my head phones that were in my ear holes. laurin had IMed me a link to this image of tommy lee making out with lukas rossi (my boyfriend), the new singer of their new fake band, rockstar supernova. anyway, the first thing i thought is, "is that ruben studdard behind them?"

then i came here to post the photo and saw laurin's previous post. upon seeing it, i realized that i'm a bigger douche than the folks at KABC channel 7.

1 comment:

New Agey No Friends said...

actually I think that's Ceelo... which is CRAZY!