Monday, October 23, 2006

two neat things, one little weekend

happy monday, dudes. i hate today. my bed is very far away from the desk chair i'm currently sitting in and that makes me sad. however, this past weekend i got to see two things that i would put in the category of "neat things to do on a weekend. "

on friday night i went to the grand theater in san francisco to see the secret machines play "in the round." i have loved this band for quite some time and always miss them when they come to town. they had a small round stage set up in the middle of the theater (see above. i am a dummy and don't know how to format this crap, i admit.), which was AMAZING. usually i hate long song bands, but this one is perfect. and being about 19 feet from them is even better. if you've never listened to them, go ahead and ignore their new album, ten silver drops and head straight for now here is no where.

last night i went to see the "what is it?," the first movie made by crispin glover. it's a level ten on the wtf? scale, but definitely interesting and worthy of an hour of your time. he stuck around to get assaulted with combative questions from a bunch of san francisco people. you know the kind i'm talking about? like you stuck around for the q&a just to hear them talk. anyway, he was a genuinely nice man in a totally perfect suit. stay away if you're put off by the possibility of seeing a man get a hand job from a naked woman in a monkey mask while he lays fetally in a satin lined oyster shell.

now that i sound semi-culturey and highly unsmart, i would just like to recommend that you catch both of these events if you get the chance anytime in the future, so you can have a nice weekend too.


New Agey No Friends said...

talk about spoilerz. jeez.

also the fact that this movie has crispin glover, monkey masks and people with down syndrome makes me think of only one friend of mine who I'm sure was creaming his mental jordaches.

bomarr said...

you mean you've got another friend that's into that stuff? ha ha.

insanely weird movie, but i've got to say, i enjoyed it thoroughly.

the q&a session afterwards went way too long though. crispin's answers get very involved and long-winded. informative, but too much.

erin is gross said...

matt wears jordaches? why didn't someone tell me sooner?

i enjoyed it, too. i was skeptical, but highly entertained.