Friday, October 27, 2006

But like, a slutty ghost

Hooray, it’s Halloween weekend… one of my favorite holidays since I was seven-years-old and went trick-or-treating dressed as a breakdancer (it was the year Breakin’ came out, cut me some slack).

I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to be this year yet, I have a few more hours to figure it out and throw a costume together. I’ll probably just end up donning different pieces of previous years’ costumes for one of my famous combo-costumes.

“What am I? Duh, I’m a Hooters-pirate-angel-tiger-cop. What are YOU?”

For those of you ladies that are in the same predicament as me, here is a list of Halloween costumes that are appropriate for us to wear (assuming you wanna get laid on Halloween, and who doesn’t?):

Sexy Nurse
Slutty Cop
Hot Devil
Pirate Stripper
Clown Whore
Rated-X Mime
Sexy Congresswoman
Slutty Pack of M&Ms
Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Whore

Good luck treatin' or trickin' - preferrably both!


stephanie said...

i'd like you all to meet my best pal julie. she has single-handedly lead the anti-sexy costume movement for years now. maybe forever. last year she wore this.
i think she might top it this year.

me:what are you being for halloween?
did you bring the beer suit out there
Jules: no. this year i want to be tainted spinich

Anonymous said...

Sexy times...

grensley said...

i don't know what you're talking about. julie totally got laid that night.

Audrey said...

But like, sexy tainted spinach

erin is gross said...

the other night i engaged in a conversation with an anonymous male about the difference between a "dirty nurse" and a "slutty nurse."

it's so very interesting how the other half think. and, by the way, for the most part i don't think they find anything wrong with the slutty parade on halloween.

chad said...

julie's costume was way sexy.