Tuesday, October 03, 2006

nothing to do with teen beatery

it's tuesday. and since tuesday doesn't begin with an "s" like saturday and sunday, it means that i rode the bus to work today. i was running late as usual and was forced to stand among the new students at some random art academy, the crazy lady that yells, "SEVENTH AND MARKET, DRIVER" in between singing the chorus of raspberry beret over and over, a whiney mom whose kid won't stop stepping on my feet and some other office dorks like me. today i looked up and saw a lovely ad for something called epiphany dance.

you see, in a few weeks, epiphany dance will be having a trolley dance! i hope to totally see you there. (p.s. this is not mash AT ALL! not a bit.)


New Agey No Friends said...

you gotta admit... the N Judah is absurdly dance worthy.

QuarBy said...

holycrap. that thing is not a joke!!

erin is gross said...

i think it calls for a visit from a unitard clad audrey. what do you think?