Friday, October 13, 2006

Bacon Dayliner

last night was the baby dayliner/national show and if you didn't attend you missed THE FUCK OUT. that's right. baby dayliner, with his smooth vocal stylings and killer dance moves, was downright fan frickin tastic. i've still got a big dumb grin on my face just thinking about him gliding across the stage, one jazz hand in the air, the other gripping his blue hanky(yucky word) just so. in honor of the reaffirmation of my love for baby d check out this newish video for "the morning sun" filmed in his backyard in brooklyn.

also, today is friday the 13th. i wonder if baby dayliner and a young kevin bacon switched lives for a day, like in that movie freaky friday that i loved so much as youngin, anyone would notice.

(totally random nerd fact: kevin bacon's dad, ed bacon, was a very well known and respected architect and urban planner that molded the shape of much of what philadelphia is today.)


grensley said...

too bad we didn't see this yesterday. then we could have broken the ice by inviting ourselves over for a swim in his pool.

Audrey said...

I have, in fact, been tirelessly searching for Baby Dayliner's pool which is supposedly somewhere near where I live in Brooklyn. I have yet to find it. He says on his Myspace page that that video was filmed in his place in Brooklyn... Stalker? Me? No, what makes you say that?

Audrey said...

What did I tell you about the blue hanky. So fuckin' weird.