Friday, October 06, 2006

Everybody say "Embarrassing!"

Follow up to Monday's post:

Next week I am coming along to the Hepatitis client meeting. Never before have I been requested to attend a client meeting. Why am I going this time, you ask...

To perform my raps. Yes, I will be standing in front of a large room of clients busting out lyrics like:

I wanna hear you cheer. You’ve got to give a hand.

Let’s get some applause for the body’s largest gland.

I know you miss your friends, your families and your cribs

But you’ve got a great pal that’s working right under your ribs.

Always helping out your blood. A generous giver.

Let’s all take some time to appreciate your liver.

Why do I get myself into these situations. Why must I be cursed with the ability to lay down the rhyme in record time? Me and my big gansta mouth. I wouldn't last two weeks in prison.

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New Agey No Friends said...

audio or video please.