Friday, October 27, 2006

make out with people in masks

though most of the seven of you who read this are probably either already going or live in new york, i wanted to remind you that you should come to madrone on saturday night. i think dj ray liotta will be dressed like bill paxton and the bomarr monk will be in a slutty baby costume that he borrowed from audrey. i wish i could let that slutty baby joke go, but i just can't.

anyway, please come dance with us. the three blonde unibloggers will be there and one of us will be dressed like a married woman. it will be very mature. unlike myself. i can't get stupid blogger to post the flyer, so you'll have to click here to look at it.

see you then!


New Agey No Friends said...

I saw no slutty baby. frownfaces galore.

erin is gross said...

he was a slutty baby cow (dirty calf) in a slutty blonde (slutty and blonde, goes without saying, right?) wig instead who sometimes mexican wrestles, enjoys batman and monsters.