Tuesday, October 10, 2006

were you a teen beater?

it's tuesday and i'm not feeling too inspired after the wine fest wedding weekend. therefore i'm counting on you to help me pick the most tean beaterific of the males among you. i'm sure that this request might be ignored, but i'm hoping to be supplied with many gems, namely, photos of your young selves as teens. please email these to unibloggal@gmail.com in order to be counted. winners will be announced on friday (i think), at which time i will encourage everyone to date you. and to inspire you, here i am, age seventeen:


j. keith van rappin said...

mayim bialik writes for unibloggal? sweet.

Audrey said...

omg, I was going to put some great Mayim Bialik reference up here too and Van Rappin beat me to it. Damn! (interesting side note, I went to college with Blossom. She didn't like being called 'Blossom.')

New Agey No Friends said...

it must also be noted that this is the CLASSIC glamour shot hand on chin (I got this done at the mall) pose. propers.