Tuesday, August 29, 2006

teen beet tuesday: where's blake?

this week's post struck me in a 6:15 a.m. in-bed game of "why can't i sleep?" blake schwarzenbach is one of those guys who will keep you up at night. i never had an older brother, but if i did, he would have been best friends with blake. they would have "jammed" in our garage after school and i would have hung out chewing gum and trying to act cool, something i've yet to master.

jawbreaker is pretty much in a three way tie for first place in the "erin's favorite band ever" contest. if morrissey, johnny marr and billy corgan ceased to exist, they would win. blake managed to write the most "dear diary" cry me a river (not like j-tim) lyrics while also making you want to punch someone in the face. in the span of three records with jawbreaker (unfun is going to be ignored here), he went from screaming your ear holes off (bivouac) to making you want to lie and say you were born and raised in the east bay (24 hr revenge therapy) to making you want to get dumped continuously forever so you could justifiably listen to only one record for all eternity (dear you).

then jawbreaker broke up. for awhile i thought i was going to walk around like some obsessed idiot who cursed the beatles for breaking up 30 years after the fact. then he formed jets to brazil and made at least one record that pretty much made it ok for me to become an actual adult. it talked me into moving in with my boyfriend at the time, it let me buy a used station wagon with good gas mileage, but it also made it ok for me to keep dying my hair black and wearing hoodies every day. it let me walk that line and i wish someone would do that again with a record.

i wish someone would find me a new blake schwarzenbach record! where is he?

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Nate said...

This post made my day. Jawbreaker was THE band for me when I first heard them and several times aga as I got older - which is why I keep coming back to the idea of a getting a Jawbreaker "four Fs" tattoo. At first it was like "whoa, this is sad and angry and smart and the guitar is awesome!" Then after my first episode with depression I got more out of the records. Then after my first heartbreak ... Then after the first time in a long time of feeling good for a while and not being ashamed about feeling really bad sometimes ... etc. It's particularly weird cuz those records were made when the band were younger than I am now (when I was their age I was a dumb kid - were they dumb kids then too?). Anyhow, thanks for this.