Friday, August 18, 2006

rebirth of hardcore pride!

tonight marks a very special day for former (or current, but seriously if you're current have a fucking beer already) straight-edge kids everywhere--the gorilla biscuits reunion tour.

this was one seminal band in my high school music catalog. how i loved to sing along to every damn song on "start today" and felt so tough that i turned my nose up to bullshit like television, alcohol, beauty, racism and cute animals. man, those were good times.

for anyone who wants to relieve their youth and watch over the hill hardcore fans get dirty in the pit, get your ass to poundsf tonight for some good old fashion fun. if you can't make it to the show, or you want to re-live the hardcore days from the comfort of a dark movie theatre, then i suggest you AT LEAST go see this film when it opens in new york and l.a. on september 22nd.

if you hate everyone and the idea of sitting a theatre full of strangers freaks you out but you STILL want to get your hardcore fix then i suggest picking up one of the best synopsis of the hardcore movement i've read to date, "american hardcore: a tribal history."

see you in the pit, fools. not really, but it sounds good doesn't it?


erin is gross said...

no, i really will see you in the pit. and if you get in anymore fights with scary drunk females, i promise to have your back this time.


gary tijuana said...

that show sounds rad. i want a full report and update and some youtube vids when you're done. have a blast.

Cristy said...

laurin, i thought you were into rockabilly swing dancing in high school.

laurin said...

i was a jack of all trades at 17. i wanted to make sure i experienced every god awful scene out there, and boy did i.