Tuesday, August 15, 2006

oh, hello tuesday.

that's ari gold. i actually think that's jeremy piven, but whatever. he's really hot. because i have an attention deficit problem that makes me click "internet explorer" every nine seconds, i have quite a list of regularly viewed websites. some of them are the hipster douchebag party photo websites that we all know and loathe. i've seen jeremy piven on them several times looking slightly haggard and with a beaded necklace around his v-necked neck. that's why i'm focusing on ari gold.

ari's one of those guys who wears borderline gay suits during meetings, but he's an a-hole and you like it. the whole meeting you're sitting there wishing that everyone else in the room would disappear so you could replay that one scene from the movie secretary. oh wait, that's just me?

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