Wednesday, August 30, 2006

caffeine detox day one

today is my first day off caffeine. yikes! i'm not quite sure why i'm doing this. maybe its because i drink coffee like water, could drink a double latte at 2 am and then go to bed or because i have been drinking coffee everyday, multiple times a day, since i was 15. i love coffee, the ritual of that first cup in the morning or that delicious pick me up in the afternoon. it is my favorite vice. but, not being able to feel the effects of caffeine at all has me thinking maybe, just maybe, its time for a break. right now i'm drinking a decaf coffee in an vain attempt to trick my body into believing i'm getting my morning cup. i gotta ease myself into this bitches. this afternoon i'll be introduced to my new best tea. i'll keep you updated on my progress (because i'm sure you're on the edge of your seat to hear what happens next) but as a word of warning: if my posts become irratic, weird, or just plain nutso, you know why.


grensley said...

i've been off coffee for one week and five days. it's difficult. you're tired, erratic, moody and discover that coffee is not only tasty, but it makes you a better person. hang in there. i strongly recommend green tea's friend, black tea. he adds a little spice.

erin is gross said...

decaf green tea?

shannon said...

dude, i just started getting into the coffee thing...i can finally hang with a half cup and/or one shot of espresso.
but the all time favorite for me, i agree, is black tea/orange pekoe/english breakfast. breakfast of champions. good luck with the headaches!