Tuesday, August 08, 2006

teen beat (delayed)

hello. i'm really sorry for the delay in getting this to you. i know you're all still at work (like i am), refreshing your browser (is that what they're called?) waiting for your weekly dose of man meat. alas...

after some post-plane ride brain loss and hearty IM convos with my "gal pals," as THEY call them, i've come up with a list of "hunks" from the grunge era. i'm too tired to look for pictures, but check back tomorrow. i might get inspired, though i probably won't.

1. billy corgan - though he's not on the amazon.com list of amazing grunge records, he played guitar in the 90s and had ugly hair. then no hair, but i always loved him just the same. next time you're buying me drinks, remind me to tell you the story about the time i met him...at a poetry reading...when he had weird facial hair. i could go on for days about how i used to obsess over the possibility of meeting him, how much i dislike poetry but moreso the public reading of poetry and how yucky weird facial hair is on a 37 yr old balding ex-idol-o-mine. nerd galore = me.

2. eddie vedder - see, i don't really find him attractive, though because i'm old now and so is he, i'm seeing it more. though that's probably just because somehow pearl jam swindled everyone into thinking their cool again. fugazi with long hair. whatever, my friends like him, so he stays.

3. chris cornell - i think this guy's repulsive because he never wears a shirt. i bet he won "best eyes" in his high school year book. if someone can get me a copy of this, assuming it exists, i'll play you spoon man on my sister's pink guitar. but not blackhole sun. that song blows for days.

4. matt dillon from swingers EDIT: SINGLES, duh (sleepy) - i don't know if this counts, but i'm going with it. i'm tired and no one was hot in the 90s. there, i said it.

5. kurt cobain - i lied. he was hot. i loved him. i even looked like him (is that bragging?) if you've ever seen my glamour shot, that was my mom's effort to make sure that my grandma didn't know that i wore ugly sweaters, dirty jeans and didn't brush my hair. it makes me sad everytime i turn on rockstar supernova (best show ever) and hear some douche wallet commiting earicide with one of nirvana's songs.

speaking of the best show ever, it's fugging late and i have a date with the shirtless tommy lee and gilby clarke, someone who's hotter now than anyone i can think of. my head hurts. good night.


bomarr said...

do you mean matt dillon from singles?

Cristy said...

erin, you know you had a thing for jay and silent bob. total hotties, right?

erin is gross said...

i actually do thing jay is hot! especially with his new teeth. i really am disgusting.

and in case i didn't mention it before, gilby clarke is a DILF.