Tuesday, August 29, 2006

betty ford, here we come!

what better way to spend your memorial day (EDIT: i was just made aware that it's actually labor day. put away your white clothes, everyone. yachting season is long gone) weekend than in various states of intoxication with the closest thirty members of your friend family. here's a tentative agenda of the weekend's plans. we're starting early, so sue us.

thursday, 8/31: beauty bar dance party followed by little baobob debauchery
friday, 9/1: afterwork zeitgeist drink-o-thon, followed by mission bar crawl
saturday, 9/2: oakland athletics vs. baltimore orioles. meet us in the bleachers for big beers and veggie dogs.
sunday, 9/3: trip to target (this is personal, no need to attend), drinks at stephanie's house of love followed by a rickshaw stop dance party
monday, 9/4: to be determined bbq and/or drinking in the park

please enquire with erin, your cruise director, if you have any questions.

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laurin said...

thursday can't come soon enough!