Friday, August 04, 2006


hi dudez. friday again? holy crap. guess what, yep, i get to go on another airplane this afternoon. i'm really sick of it. these complaints have nothing to do with it being friday or me giving you pointers for tipsy dating...i just like to complain.

anyway. this one's for the ladies.

i work in the financial district. i go get coffee atleast once a day. there is a tully's in my building, two peet's within a block and a half and countless starbucks and other nameless coffee places. all of them have at least one hot guy who works there. when i was 21 i also worked at a coffee shop and there were cute guys who worked there, too. it's my opinion that these men should be dated. they're often cute, they're obviously employeed, they can get out of bed on the early side and know how to make coffee (a bonus for slumber parties) and you're the boss because they don't have a "real" job. the only bad things are (and i know from experience), they'll smell like coffee for eternity, they have the whole bartender thing (many horny office women flirting with them daily) and they might be wearing man-dals behind the counter, something you didn't notice when you were a horny office woman flirting with them daily.

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