Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hip hop in the hizzouse

A young black man sporting sagged, baggy jeans and a white doorag on his head (clarification - only the doorag was on his head, the baggy jeans were on his legs) stopped me on the street today. I get stopped a lot walking through midtown, usually by people asking for money, asking me to buy their "designer" bags, asking me out on a date.

But this guy was different. He was asking me to listen to his music. Now that, I can respect. He told me that his name is Voice (?) and that he's selling his hip hop CD for $5. I could have spent that $5 on a "designer" bag and listened to his music on myspace for free, but I appreciate the fact that Voice is taking the time to stand on the street and promote himself. So I bought a CD. Really, I wanted to see the look on his face when the white girl wearing a nice skirt and button-down shirt says, "I, too, rap in a hip hop group. And you gotta support the competition, right?"

He made me promise I'd send him my myspace page.

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