Wednesday, August 23, 2006

see that pretty girl in the mirror there

i'm not a big fan of commercials. its one of the main reasons i live and breathe by my DVR, but there is something to be said about a commericial that literally makes you stop fast-forwarding just to see what's going on.

there is something purely feminist about this ad that makes me love it (putting aside the whole nike we heart child sweat shop labor thing. its easy to do that when you're a psuedo-progressive like me.) one may feel the need to critique this ad and make the claim that is easy for nike to celebrate maria sharapova because although she actually has talent unlike other hot tennis starlets she is still gorgeous and hot, sexy women sell ads. nike is not so much making a feminist statement but rather capitalizing on a corporate "rebirth" of feminism that suits a marketers commericial needs. "girls kick ass, anyone?"

i'm not really sure where i fall on this debate, whether there even is a debate, if anyone cares or if i care for that matter. i just felt compelled to write about an ad that made me stop in my tracks. enjoy and happy hump day.

1 comment:

erin is gross said...

dang, she's a lot hotter than roger federer.

and i'm still sad that nike's making my converse.