Wednesday, August 02, 2006


me: are people over our blog?
stephanie: ? i dunno? as far as i know we have 5 readers. noah, mike, colin, matt, cristy. i think they all still read it
me: we need to recruit a larger readership
stephanie: totally. how do we do that?
me: i should know, it's kind of my job
stephanie: i linked it to my myspace like you did
me: hmm we need more sites to link to us do you know anyone else with a blog/website that we could link to?
stephanie: hmm... i don't think so. the sneakmovers are my bloggiest pals and they've already linked the shit outta us
me: shits we need to pull some PR stunts. can you make out with brandon davis and be listed in us weekly as, "uniblogger" ?
stephanie: hell fucking no!!! i just barfed in my mouth. gross
me: oh come on! i'll do it!
stephanie: yes, you do it
me: gimme some drinks and whatever drugs he's obviously on. i have no standards!
stephanie: awesome!!! hmm... seriously, i wonder what we could do.
me: can one of us go on a reality tv show? or maybe jeopardy
stephanie: both sound horrifying
me: come on! think outside the box...and yes i just said that
stephanie: the only answer we give to alex, "what is unibloggal"
me: hilarious shits, i gotta run home so i don't miss my date with gilby clarke.
stephanie: i'll take unibloggal for 600, alex.
me: would you have an affair with dave navaro?
stephanie: sure. i live in a very gay part of the gay mecca. does he like ladies? then, yesss.
me: the 4 foot tall glitter clad elf? shit, bro. i just thought of a great post.
stephanie: oh no.


j. keith van rappin said...

6) j. keith van rappin

stephanie said...

you're soooo getting blocked from my gchat!!

bomarr said...

you guys are dorks.

what you need to do is be the first to unveil some scandalous celebrity news or some crazy controversial shit and have everyone link to you. that's what happened when i put the lil markie footage on the bomarr blog. no one had put footage of him on the internet before and my server ended up crashing because of all the traffic. do something shocking to get everyone's attention, then go about your normal posting.


erin, i'm almost done with your book.

New Agey No Friends said...

I think sleeping with or getting drunk with a celebriteen is really the only way to the top!

that being said... have you ever fucked a girl so hard that it trasmuted her DNA and she DEVOLVED into an ape?

gary tijuana said...

C'mon now. Everyone knows the only way to promote a blog is to rent a helicopter and airdrop flyers onto your local high school.

And make sure that the flyers have a Kinkos-made cut/pasted/photocopied picture of the principal and VP "doing it."