Friday, August 25, 2006


this week my dating tip will be a vertitable triple threat. if you follow my directions carefully, you will find yourself in the throws of a real dream world. what i suggest is this:

1. between now and quittin' time, find yourself either a member of the opposite or same sex, or better still, a group of mixed gendered friends. be sure to contact them tonight (friday) so they don't think you're picking them as your second choice for the steps that i've yet to spell out for you.
2. wake up saturday (tomorrow) morning and drink lots of water and perhaps eat a healthy source of protien. take a walk and be sure to clean the hard to reach places. perhaps stop by trader joe's for some beverages, but leave time to ice them as their beverages don't come prechilled.
3. get yourself and the aformentioned friend and/or posse to madrone on the corner of divisidero and fell streets in san francisco. why, you ask? it's time for THE WHITE COLLAR WORKOUT.

(a) there will be amazing music (provided by bomarr, dj ray liotta, among others) and also cans of sparks available at the bar. (b) you may have a chance to dance with one or both of two unibloggers (c) as mr. liotta happily pointed out, $5 includes free dancing.

got it? good.


New Agey No Friends said...

I'll be there in shorts and a kangol.. ready for whatevers.

gary tijuana said...

That was a rad party.

erin is gross said...

that WAS a rad party. tomorrow stephanie and i will be working on a dating dos/donts wrap up while making use of photos from saturday. stay tuned!