Wednesday, March 21, 2007

teen beat wednesday

sorry. i'm old and forgetful. that said, this week's hotface is one ira glass.
sometimes when i feel like acting smart or hearing something that will touch my cockles, i will listen to npr. ira is a staple and is probably the only person on npr without some kind of weird accent related to his/her last name and also who doesn't have a faux european accent. these are two things i can get behind. as of tomorrow, you can see half hour episdoes of this american life on showtime. yay!

here's a link to an excellent article about him and the show from today's ny times. i like it when they write about cute cameron frye look alikes so i have a reason to open the paper other than the crossword.



laurin said...

i love ira glass and know exactly what you mean about weird accents. i don't know why but i always get annoyed during 'all things considered' when michele (mee-shell) norris says her name. its drives me nuts.

erin is gross said...

what about "renee montagne". ew.

matt just asked if i really think he's cute and i totally do.

do you?

laurin said...

i really do but it think my crush is inflated by my crush on his brain.