Tuesday, March 27, 2007

teen beat tuesday: most improved player

have any of you people been watching "dancing with the stars?" admit it, dammit. anyway, ian ziering aka steve sanders used to be a puffy haired mullet pasty dong parade. he was so gross. remember when he filmed a porno at the walsh house and he played the pizza man? yuck. here's an example:

as you might have heard, he's now one of the stars who is learning to ballroom dance. he's got sort of this super chiseled beard, his blonde hair is less cottony and pouf tastic. he's not hard core tucking his salmon shirts anymore, he's kind of moderately buff and not so oddly doughy. the bad part is that he has to wear sick suits and sparkles and stuff. ya know? am i dead meat?

he kind of looks like a pigeon here but i can't find a better photo.


grensley said...

i caught 1/2 hr of it before the hills. here are my thoughts...

billy ray: don't musicians know how to keep count in their head? bless him
john ratzenberger: norm should have been his dance partner
heather mills: bitch did a back flip
laila ali: bitch beat george foreman's daughter.
joey fatone: cheesedick

i will now be starving myself and doing pilates for the next three months straight to achieve a dancer's body. seriously. are you kidding me? out of control.

lil cris said...

"Steve Sanders' Big Gay Summer":

laurin said...

i have been watching some serious 90210 reruns lately and steve sanders is a bigger douche than i remembered. i just saw the porno episode and then yesterday on a college episode he was literally wearing a leather coat that had a cinched waist with a built in leather sash. GROSS. despite his douchdome, you still gotta love steve and after having watched my first episode ever of dancing with the stars i have to say erin, i hear what your staying about him being most improved player. crazy, but kinda true in a "i know i'm fired for thinking this" way.

lil c said...

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