Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Douchebag of the Week: bluefly tv ads

last night I was catching up on some TV and watched in horror as this ad appeared on my screen. a. its starts off in a kind of soft porn meets company HR training video sort of way which, in and of itself, is creepy. b. (and to me) the most douchey aspect of the commercial is when the couple is out to dinner, the dude gets a phone call, picks it up at the sushi bar, and the woman who's just so "understanding" tells him its ok to take the call on their first date. ummmmm hell no! c. as he's chatting in the coat closet, the woman, apparently turned on by her date's extreme level of doucheyness, decides to fuck him right then and there. (insert me: rubbing eyes, shaking head from side to side....whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?)

thank god she ordered some bluefly clothes to come to her date's house (clearly this guy was getting some of the vajayjay no matter what) so she'd have something to wear the next day. oh, bluefly. you're so handy...and so douchey i'm actually embarrassed for you. i can't only imagine the pitch meeting for this ad. i'm convinced it was conceived by these guys.


erin is gross said...

so modern!

kellycamille said...

Wow. I have so much respect for advertising.