Friday, March 30, 2007

friday dating tip: blink 18-poo

i have writers blog today. that was supposed to say writer's block but then i turned on my sirius internet radio. howie stern and his loveable gang is off on friday because they are shit bangs, so i searched for something else to fill my ear holes. that adventure took me through a few minutes in which i learned how to shuck snap peas on martha stewart's channel. then i had to listen to some shitty aphex twin song on the douche channel. then i almost choked my way through a dongballed rod stewart and then the travelling wilbury's song on my mom's channel. then i found my way home to "alt nation" where my ears were first blessed with the sounds of afi then POOF, vomit in audio form.

this is a song called "i miss you" by blink 182.

are you still with me? because here comes the dating tip, along with a really great story. in 1995 i had this nice albeit far away boyfriend (i was at college and he wasn't). coming from the OC, it made sense that he had a shaved head, a VW bus and a love for weed. and i had a two inch long homemade haircut, some ugly clothes and a slut problem, apparently. being a member of the alternative nation and because it was 1995, my friends an i trecked on down to downtown santa barbara for the no doubt show. gimme a break, it was TOTALLY before they blew up, bra (that one was for you, linds). to make a long story somehow shorter, blink 182 was opening for them. we had no clue who they were but they wanted to party with us! we ended up at taco bell and then at some mansion in the hills where we played games and they tried to get us to lesbian out on eachother. i gave my standards away during the first round of make out with your dorm neighbor and ended up cheating on my nice boyfriend with one of the shit sacks in this band. the next day when he came up to spend the weekend with me i did this thing that crossed a line between being honest/coming clean and totally bragging to him about my sinful night with some broski with a guitar (did i just give away which one it was?). we broke up and now i think he's getting married soon.

the tip is: you only live once, french the guy in the band because anyone can get married.


laurin said...

is his nickname true? tom "delonge dick?" oh the good ol' days of being alternateens.

Tina said...

didn't they write a song about this? make out circle?