Wednesday, March 21, 2007

business casual

when i'm at work, i'm all business!! think amanda woodward at d&d advertising, minus the sex on the conference room table. anyway, today, i was all business when i walked past a group of board members and my executive director. "how do you do? how do you do? the stocks?! ah, ha ha ha, i know, you just can't trust that dow! and the state of the criminal justice system today, my word. oh look, you dropped something, let me pick that up for you." RIP!! as i'm bending down to retrieve a piece of paper from the ground for a board member, the button of my pants rips off and fliiiiiiiiiiiiies across the room and my zipper comes undone.

end scene.

ps sad realization: i'm not amanda woodward. i'm alison parker!

1 comment:

laurin said...

amazing! i heart you billy.