Tuesday, March 06, 2007

teen beat tuesday: shitty teen tv

have you ever seen prime? prime is this total rom com of the most grade a quality that i am actually inclined to refer to it as girl porn. it involves uma thurman who is 38 and frequents a shrink played by meryl streep. uma ends up dating meryl's 23 yr old son and there are lots of close calls, you know until they all figure it out. the 23 yr old son/boyfriend is played by bryan greenberg (seen below).

he's so god dammerz hot in this movie that you want to turn way older (or just a little bit older if you're me) and go date young boys who go to clubs, dance massively hotstyle and have those shoulder muscles that look hot in wifebeaters even though wifebeaters aren't hot. anyway, i was just informed that bryan greenberg is about to star in a new drama on abc called october road.

i've been looking for something to take the place of my recently deceased oc and i think this might be it. my only issue is that in researching today's teen beatery, i found out that perhaps bryan greenberg was or is on one tree hill. this hurts my feelings. one tree hill is not ok, ya know? i'm tired (and old) and can't deal with matthew patrick sean scott murray or whatever his name is. vomit.

i'm going to get ready to post another teen beat post because it's just that kind of tuesday.


Anonymous said...

hi. i am here to tell you that you cannot dis one tree hill. one tree hill is not another teen drama, like the o.c. (sorry to say it's a guilty pleasure of mine, or was at least) or laguna beach. one tree hill is a show for all generations that's not about life in high school. for instance, the fifth season will be taking place about five years after all the characters graduate from college. this show is phylisophical. google "one tree hill quotes" and you'll see what i mean. they're not just a list of cliches, either. yeah. oh and i love brian greenburg too. yummy. watch the first season of one tree hill for him. you know you want to. ;-)
if you wanna talk more which you probably don't, e-mail me at mercenary1612@aol.com. thanks for your time.

see ya,


p.s. chad michael

grensley said...

erin, i could not agree with you more. i had the great pleasure of hanging out with him on sunday... well, kind of. instead of frolicking outside, i decided to spend my day off watching 'prime' for the second time. why? because he is so damn good looking-- he seems to get hotter as the movie goes on. seriously, my heart melts every time i see his smiling face.

p.s. you know how you have a picture of him on your fridge. yeah, i thought you knew him for two seconds and nearly crapped my pants.

erin is gross said...

yeah, that picture from interview magazine. he used to be a ballet dancer and i still like him.

i almost forgot to give a teen beat shout out to uma who is rather babe-o-rific in that movie, too.

i should have asked for a prime dvd from my bday santa.