Friday, March 16, 2007

has david cross jumped the shark?

friday afternoon means checking gmail 800 times a second even though it refreshes on its own, dreaming about after work cocktails, religiously reading celebrity blogs and in between, getting some work done. while reading best week ever i came across this gem and just had to pass it along.

an upcoming episode of law and order will feature the redunkulous anna nicole smith "i'm dead and no one knows who's my babby's daddy" saga. smith will be played the illustrious kristy swanson (from buffy the vampire slayer--the movie aka awesome teen flick aka dylan mckay in a trench coat aka me likey.) the role of howard k. stern will be played by non other than a one mister david cross. this makes me WTF all over the place but lord knows i'll be tivo'ing that shit. i love me some law & order especially in the early years and i still have love for david cross but i'm not quite sure if i like the two together. poo. is it drinks time yet?

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