Friday, March 23, 2007

friday dating tip: snot

happy friday, y'all. i'm currently sick with a snotty nose, sore throat and rancid cough. not rancid like the band, but just kind of gross and the kind of thing that if you heard it from a stranger on the bus you'd stare at them like they had fleas and goiters. anyway, i don't really get sick to often which is rather stunning considering my lifestyle, but when i do get sick, i turn into a large whining baby. pathetic style.
in the image i've included for you (above) you can see that whomever this woman calls her significant other is really awesome. he/she/it's done a few key things to ensure her comfort and happiness while sick.
1. the couch has been vacated so everyone can sleep. she can cough and watch movies all day and night. though from the looks of her face, he's (presumably) trying to get her to watch turner and hooch when she wants to watch dirty dancing.
2. she's wearing mismatched flannel pjs. nothing beats flannel when you're snotty.
3. she has a beverage with a long straw. whoever hooked her up with that is a major keeper, assuming they are also keeping the glass full. when i was at home sick (alone!) yesterday i actually brought the britta into my room with me so i wouldn't have to get up. the next stop was attaching a tray table to my cat's back and teaching him some new tricks.
4. the old blankie if any s/o wants to score mom (or general nurturer points), they'll bust out an old blankie that reminds you of your childhood, but in only a moderatly creepy way.
5. lastly, and the only thing wrong with this photo, is the lack of action that's happening here. if your loved one is sick, you really need to stick it in em. or vis versa. mucous or not, it's the least you can do!


RobTunderVillain said...

Rancid the band is kinda gross as well

grensley said...

what happened to #6?