Wednesday, March 28, 2007

multiple choice

there's this fun game to play with your boy/girl friend on instant messenger/g-chat/whathaveyou. it's called multiple choice quiz. i just played this with my man of choice and he wasn't too excited about the game. here's how it went:

me: pick one of these that's true. the other three are false.
him: ok
a. i frenched someone else (i used to have a frenching problem)
b. i'm wearing a dress over jeans (he hates this look)
c. i'm moving to new york (i REALLY love new york)
d. i can't come over and make you dinner tonight (that was the plan for tonight)
him: i really hope you're wearing a dress over jeans

he was correct. this was my way of making my outfit not seem so menacing.

1 comment:

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