Thursday, March 08, 2007

a dangerous admission

last night i was a slave to my laundry. everything, sheets, towels, the gnarliest of bottom of the barrel underwear (sorry), all of my weird sweatshirts. you know how it goes. anyway, even though i've tried hard to avoid season one million of ty-ty baby's america's next mediocre never to be heard from again model, i watched it. we've got 2 girls with jiggly boobs and one girl who hasn't eaten in a good few years. so the young girl with the brows got the boot and i was enlightened to learn that next week we'll get to see the miraculous transformations during makeover week! my favorite. that show is crack, i swear. anyway. after it was over and between my trips down to the dryer, i ended up getting wrangled into this other piece of trash television that i actually liked! i'm dead meat.

you see, the pussycat dolls are looking for their next doll. most of the girls are busted up bakersfield mall working prostitutes, but they can dance! i swear. singing, not so much. here's a picture of the dollz:

there is something about this photo of tanned gold clad monsters that reminds me of one of my favorite paintings. it's called the raft of medusa by gericault:
do you see the similarity? if you'd like to see the dolls live and in person, they're playing on saturday with xtina (it's sold out, so don't even think about ditching our birthday party). if you'd like to see the painting, it's in the louvre in paris.
this was a weird post, huh?


bomarr said...

you're fired, babe

j. keith van rappin said...

i just missed the pc dolls thursday night in oakland. but i did see xtina! busted face, but the girl has pipes.

Cristy said...

pussy cat dolls has the best elimination declaration: "erin, please hang up your boa." classsssy!