Tuesday, March 13, 2007

teen beat tuesday: a female

this is katherine moenning. i think she's a serious piece of babe meat. see, i love netflix because i only have like 3 channels that come in even moderately clearly. sometimes movies suck butts so i rent tv shows. i've watched pretty much every tv show that i have any desire to watch. i have to admit, i was a little scared to rent the l-word because i didn't want my friends who can see my netflix list to think that i am a fan of vag. which i am, but pretty much strictly my own, thanks.

anyway, in the past few days, i've watched 12 episodes of the first season of the l-word. i was compelled to rent it because howard stern's fiance, beth ostroski, is in love with shane. shane is played by katherine moenning who is apparently straight in real life. i mean, wow. she's one of the hottest dudes on tv that i've ever seen. except she's not a dude. i love her.

she could use a massive sammy, but shits. i realize i think i love her because she kind of looks like my bonermachine:


Leslie Miller said...

yep, that shane is some hott bizness.

laurin said...

i have a serious girl crush on shane. hotness. although season one was pretty good, i heard the L-word took a nose dive after that.

Tina said...

ally sheedy...high art...taken up a notch for the new millenium.