Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Race to the WhiteHouse is ON

This video has been blowing up on the internet so its likely that many of you tech savvy pop culture addicts have seen this and my post is the equivalent of every stupid chainmail email or "hilarious" ebaumsworld video you got years ago that your distant relatives keep sending you now as if they just discovered the world wide web.

If you haven't seen it. Its quite interesting. No one has figured out the identity of the creator, ParkRidge47, but the Obama campaign has gone on record that, the first of what will become many attacks ads this election season, was not from their camp.

I love it when random folk can have a bigger impact on politics, campaigns and all that nonesense without having to raise a billion dollars and consult with all the best political strategists. Ah, democracy.

*Update* ParkRidge47's identity has been discovered.

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