Wednesday, March 14, 2007


like many females my age, i own a cat. it's this thing that happens in your early twenties where you're like, "i need a cat!" and then you get one despite the fact that your mom is like, "they're a lot of responsibility and you might have it forever." and you say, "but moooom! they're so cute." and then you get one and then like ten years later when you're old and need to sleep more but your cat is still there bugging you. and then you get older and you own nice responsible adult furniture but you have to strategically place it behind closed doors so your bastard cats don't scratch the shit out of it. but you're also kind of a fan of being nice to animals and don't like to think about ripping their fingernails out of their hands. so i've been researching some alternatives to flushing him down the toilet and/or letting him go play on a busy street. thus, softpaws.

this little fucker just makes me want to get another kitty. look at how cute he is. is he watching a cat snowboard on the internet?
look how nicely color coordinated this handsome beast is!
my dad used to have a cat named booger who looked exactly like this guy. i wonder if he's a minnesota timberwolves fan. green and purple, right?
thanks to lil cris for the idea!

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Cristy said...

leonard and manny like the pink and purple ones!