Tuesday, April 10, 2007

teen beat tuesday: i need a hero

most people on earth are obsessed with heroes. i have a strict rule against super hero comic book crap, but after 7 weeks of being ignored by my friends on monday nights, i decided to get into it. thankfully i have a boyfriend who knows how to work a computer because he was able to download all of the episodes for me and now i'm caught up. i am obsessed and also majorly interested in the man above. his name is Milo Ventimiglia, also known as Peter Petrelli. apparently they're hiding all of these hot nuggets on lame ass tv shows all over the place, because milo (cute name) used to be on the gilmore girls (and jason greenburg was on one tree hill). he has really hot hair in this picture. if you can pull it off, i highly recommend that every dude get hair like this. it's babe-o-thonic, in my book. and if you're not into the grubby hot longish hair, you can look at his brother, nathan petrelli who is a corrupt assy senator who is really hot in an expensive suit kind of way, see:

plus, nathan petrelli was in top gun. yeee haww, jester's dead.

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