Tuesday, April 24, 2007

teen beat tuesday: i'm a douche

i am a complete a-hole for posting this, but i haven't posted anything in like two weeks, so here i am, a little rusty, but here indeed. this is travis mccoy from some douche crew called the gym class heroes. last week when i was on vacation, i ended up watching mtv and becoming exposed to some seriously scary stuff (see below). from what i was able to gather from the video and my 2 minutes of google searching this morning, the gym class heroes are some kind of fall out boy, myspace (they apparently have a record called "new friend request" holy shit) popularized rap slash emo punk tattoo slash hip hop slash skate board posse of nerds with this hottish guy, travis, at the front of them. the ugly singer of fall out boy who is always overshadowed by the "hot" lindsey lohan laying pete wentz is in their video. all of this babble is trying to distract you from recognizing the fact that i think this guy is totally hot. he's kind of like if travis barker (who is barfy) had a baby with pharell williams or something. i'm into it. sue me. hard.

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lil c said...

i second that motion but don't tell.