Friday, April 13, 2007

There is a god

This happens a few times in everyone's life. You'll hear a bit of news. A little nugget of information. And you suddenly know that your life is about to get a whole lot better.

Here's an excerpt from the Hollywood Reporter article my friend, Azalea forwarded me yesterday (the subject of the email being "It's so beautiful, I almost want to cry.")

"Reunited: The Real World" will reunite the original cast of "The Real World: Las Vegas" in their former home -- the "Real World" suite at the Palms Casino Resort -- to see what has happened in the five years since the seven cast members lived together and to document what happens when they reunite."

I have two words for those of you that don't have MTV: get it.

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C.W. said...

auds... we should of chopped it up about this news a few days ago. Ask Steph... I was freakin.

Sersly my favorite Real World ever. Probaly the dirtiest and best thing I've ever seen on television was when with the green spy cam night vision you see Trishelle (Trashelle or Sweet Trashy) and Steven (That Dude that must have Herpes) in bed making the sexsex and Trashelle says sweetly "we never use condoms" and Steven responds "I know" and they just continue fucking. Best part? The entire interchange is subtitled in Kidprint font. Editing genius.

2:1 odds they're humping again (with condoms?) by episode 3.