Thursday, April 05, 2007

t.a. meetings: my name is erin


this is my first time attending a meeting for televisionaholics anonymous. this television season my case has gone from almost non existent to fully on depressing. except for fridays, i have shows to which i am addicted on every single night/day of the week. the fact that i don't have cable makes this far more impressive because i can't tivo or expand my horizons beyond channels 2-11. how awful for me. i am going to clear the air by presenting you with my highly awful tv watching scheudle. please come forward if you share any of my issues.

nbc - deal or no deal (I CAN'T HELP IT)

nbc - deal or no deal
abc - dancing with the stars (i flip back and forth for 2 hours)
as of april 23 - heroes

fox - american idol
abc - dancing with the stars results show

cw - top model
fox - american idol results show
abc - lost

abc - grey's anatomy and october road

friday: jager shots

kqed - ghetto cooking shows for like 5 hours
abc - nba on abc

if i had cable i would be addicted to: what not to wear, iron chef america, top chef and project runway. booya.


billy said...

i can't judge you too much. back when i didn't have cable, i would find myself drunk, alone, and watching home improvement reruns. HOWEVER, deal or no deal?! howie mandell is grosser than guac on parm.

bomarr said...

i am so glad you don't have cable :)