Tuesday, April 17, 2007

douchebag & nugget of the week: o'hare airport/united airlines & matt

DBOTW: O'hare Airport & United Airlines

After an extremely fun vacay to Chicago this past weekend several unibloggers and their friends were excited to come home and get some sleep before the monday blues hit. Most of us returned without a hitch, but fair uniblogget Erin got the runaround from United Airlines.

"i checked in, went to see if i could get an upgraded seat that i paid for but my flight that was cancelled. i had a boarding pass for the new flight, but the lady at the customer service desk said i wasn't actually booked on that flight. then some dude asked me what flight i just got on and i told him to san jose. 2 minutes before they told him it was full. we all get on and there are like 15 empty seats. it's awesome! oh and at o'hare their loudspeaker was broken at my counter so they just failed to announce that they were boarding..oh and they boarded 40 minutes earlier than they said they were going to. rad!"

NOTW: Matt

He wins the prize for renting a car, driving all the way down to San Jose last night to pick his woman up. You're the best little nugget we know!!!

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Anonymous said...

that never would have happened to charla and mirna!