Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wrap those tentacles around me, baby

We all know about my thing for Scottish guys. It started at age 18 when I stopped in Scotland for a week or two on my way through Europe. Then the obsession continued when I lived there my junior year of college. And the Scottish fetish was reconfirmed when I moved to Edinburgh for the summer after college.

Yes, I’ve always melted at the sound of a Scottish accent. However, the other night I was watching Pirates of Caribbean 2 (in preparation for the viewing of 3) and I found myself strangely attracted to Davy Jones, the tentacled, disgusting and apparently Scottish creature of the sea.

I know he’s evil, and I know he's ugly, and I know his head is an octopus, but goddamn, that accent is so hot. For those of you that forget what Davy Jones looks like, here’s a photo:

Granted, without his manly Scottish brogue, he’s not done justice. H.O.T.T. hott!

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