Wednesday, May 02, 2007

american idol: a touch of wtf

this is blake lewis from american idol. he's really the only boinkable contestant unless you're interested in that chris guy who is half a arkentuxas mall dork and half a justin timberlake butt eater. anyhooo, i do like this guy. he's hottening up by the week despite the fact that his lips ran off with melinda doolittle's neck.

last night on american idol, bon jovi was the leader of the "workshop." he kind of looks like linda evans from dynasty, but still, he really has a classic body of work! who knew? he and that greatest american hero keyboard player led the contestants through the hits. blake lewis took everyone's favorite b.j. song (2nd to livin on a prayer, duh) and made it a little wiggedy wiggedy wacky. i kind of like it and i kind of think that it's the most bizarre thing ever.

please watch and weigh in with your thoughts.

oh and i am very supportive of his new brown hair. new rule: everyone is a brunette in 2007.


comeoncolleen said...

blake would be totally hot if he didn't reveal in an earlier episode that 311 is his favorite band. i'll never forgive him for that.

doolittle is known as "donkey" in my house. anyone see shrek?

there's a nasty rumor going around the mtv offices that my next american idol, jordin sparks, is a very outspoken pro-lifer, bush supporter. say it ain't so...

erin is gross said...

jordin is real cute and has a lungy voice, but she looks really uncomfy on stage. if melinda had her looks, we'd have a winner.

melinda is a soccer mom mixed with shrek.

311 is unacceptable. he doesn't list them among his faves on the american idol website. i checked. i didn't see that but i agree, that's mountain dew bullshit.

laurin said...

colleen, i totally agree and that was my argument to john when he told me he liked the song. i was sort of conflicted if i liked the song (i.e. could tolerate it) or if i thought blake was a total douche. it wasn't until i thought back to the 311 comment that i made my final decision...douche town.

comeoncolleen said...

thank jesus (LBD) that chris and phil are gone. next up lakeisha and then who knows - it's anyone's game. blake has the penis going for him and jordin has youth on her side (and possibly the entire right wing) and donkey, well, donkey has raw talent going for her. i'm gonna say it - i wouldn't be surprised if it was between jordin and blake.

phil stacey, aka chemo-chi, was such a snoozefest and i couldn't be happier that he is a goner. chris richardson looks like every "hot" dude who graduated from my high school. a poor man's timberlake but i have a feeling we haven't heard the last from him, unfortunately.

kluttz OUT!

comeoncolleen said...

chemo-chic. phil stacey is chemo-chic. i hate when i don't proof read.

erin is gross said...

i love american idol banter.

last night i was thinking fondly of pork pie and bob ice.

comeoncolleen said...

remember the whopper? her album just came out!