Wednesday, May 30, 2007

nba, man child vs. turtle head.

i'm sorry for occasionally getting jocky on you. last night i discovered the only reason i can find to actually go to the gym. they have tv there. i don't have cable and subsequently stop giving a crap about the nba playoffs unless i'm in a bar that has a game on. i used to be obsessed when i lived in LA, when the lakers were good and when i could watch every playoff game from the comfort of my non-cable having bed. now that i live here, that's changed. no more effing games on non-cable channels. it's poo. anyway, last night at the gym the pistons vs. cavs game was on. every team i give an eff about is gone. i mean, i could die at the thought of a jazz/spurs wecon finals. honestly. i'm rambling. i also NEED the cavs to win so i can see more of the man child, le bron james, in action. lookie!

he's just a baby but he is buff and great! and he doesn't choke like dewayne and dirk. he also needs to win so he can make turtle head tim duncan make the opposite of this disgusting face. VOMIT.

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Tina said...

thanks for the jock talk. and i concur.